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Using balance bikes, combined with fun games and activities to boost balance and co-ordination, this course will get your little one confident riding on two wheels in no time!


Riding a bike is key milestone in any child’s life, but a traditional bike can be difficult for younger children to manage, and when stabilisers are used they don’t learn the balance skills they need to be able to ride unaided.


Our Balance Bikes are lightweight and easy for little people to handle, and their low seat height allows your child to feeling safe and secure with both feet planted firmly on the ground. The simplicity of the balance bike means that your little one can concentrate on the fundamental skills of balance, leaning and steering while propelling their bike in a natural way – and having lots of fun too!  

During the course your child will develop their balance, co-ordination, motor skills and strength as they gain both confidence and control in handling the bike.


Each 45 minute class includes songs, games and activities both on and off the bikes to help your child progress through the skills they need to enjoy being active and to be Ready to Ride!


Places are limited to 8 children per course. Bikes and helmets provided.

Ready Riders

Balance Bike Course

3 to 5 years

Meet the Team

 Helen, founder and Managing Director

Lauren, Ready Riders Class Leader, Newport

Your Questions Answered

What age group are the classes suitable for?

Ready Riders classes are suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old.

Do I need to stay with my child?

We find that children of this age not only love it, but also learn more quickly, when a parent or special adult is there to support and encourage their learning and development, and joins in games and songs with them


While your child is likely to be able to do many of the activities independently, we do encourage you to participate during the session, (you don't have to get on the bike, don't worry!) and regular classes are a great way to enjoy special time together. We do, therefore, ask that an adult accompanies your child to class. 

How long is the course?

Courses usually run for 10 weeks, but please check dates for individual courses when booking.

Can I come and try out a class?

As each class of the course builds on the skills of the previous ones, the classes do need to be booked as a course, so we are unable to offer trial sessions or partial course bookings.

We do, however, run taster sessions on selected dates where you can come and get a feel for the programme and meet your class leader. These will be listed on the Find a Class page, when available and should be booked in advance.

How much does it cost?

A 10 week course is £60. Prices for courses of a differing length, for taster sessions and for special events can be found on the Find a Class page.

Do I need to bring a bike or helmet?

Balance bikes and helmets are provided at classes, but you are welcome to bring your child's own helmet if you prefer. 

Does my child need to have ridden a balance bike before?

Whether your child already has a balance bike at home or has never been on one before they will be able to benefit from the course. We know that children learn in different ways and at a different pace and will work with your child at whatever level or experience they start from to help them progress towards being confident on a balance bike, and, in time, ready for pedals.

What happens if I can't make a class?

Due to classes being run as a course, we are unfortunately not able to refund missed classes. Where more than one course runs during a week we will offer you the option to make up the class on a different day where possible. Please ask your class leader for details.

What if my child doesn't want to join in?

Class activities are encouraged, but never forced as children all learn in their own way and in their own time. The play based focus of the classes and variety of activities that take place within them mean that even if your child is not keen on one activity, or just needs a break, there will soon be something else to engage them. We will always aim to help them to join in in a way that's right for them, and do our best to make sure they are having lots of fun along the way.

Can I bring siblings?

We offer a 40% discount for siblings who will both be taking part in the class (ie fall within the age group that the class is aimed at). While you are welcome to bring older or younger siblings, they will not be able to take part in the class and, as previously mentioned, some of the class activities will involve adult participation with the child who is taking part, so you may want to take this into account when booking.


Are the balance bikes you use available to buy?

Yes, we are able to supply both bikes and accessories from Strider bikes. You can see the range and make a purchase HERE.

I have another question...

No problem. Send us a message HERE or email hello@readyriders.co.uk and we will be pleased to help.